Just Five Minutes

Can I complete the Write 31 Days Challenge in just 5 minutes per day?  I sure intend to try!

For the past two years, I have taken on the Write 31 Days Challenge. And although successful both years, last year was much more difficult. So this year, I decided to join up with the Five Minute Friday writers, and have the topics to write on given to me. I won’t have to think about it – I wont have to think until I see the topic for the day, and then…I only have to write 5 minutes, if that is what I wish, or write for as long as I want on the topic…if that is what I wish. So I’m just going to wing it. Hopefully then I can put my effort into writing! I need a kick start. Hopefully this will be it. This page will also count as the Table of Contents.

I had good intentions, but I simply could not follow through.  Maybe Ill see you next year!!





Day 16 – God Will Take Care of You

God Will Take Care of You

Enjoy this family letting you know how God plans to treat you! It always brings a smile to my face! I remember the first time I heard this song. This was the video one of my friends shared with me. It was every single thing I needed to hear in that moment. It has continued to be a soft place for my life to land. Some days are overwhelming with all there is to worry about. This song encourages me to look beyond that. I gave it a permanent home on my playlist. I never tire of allowing this song to wrap me in its comforting words. I hope you will allow it to do the same for you.

Day 11 – We Shall Behold Him Pt. 2


It was another 10 years before I actually sought to know exactly who Jesus was and what the Gospel was – for myself.  The thing that always causes me to shake my head is the fact that I had spent my entire life in the church, but I was not sure why besides the fact that my parents went to church, so I had to go too. There was no other way to be.
That is how you were a “good girl”. I learned how to be a good girl, but not a God girl.
I knew of God, knew a decent bit about God, but I didn’t really know Him for myself.  How could I believe someone  I did not trust? How could I trust someone who I didn’t know? I had not intentionally pursued a personal relationship with God and now was the time.  Continue reading