Day 20 – Sheer Delight


I went to high school during a time when PE class was every day. I hated gym, it was my least favorite subject. Actually, it was one of the only classes I have ever failed! When you’re a 15 year old girl – gym is not the number one thing on your to do list. When you’re the chubby, tormented, nerd of the class, gym is something that you come to dread.
Volleyball was a particularly painful section. No matter what I did, no matter which technique I attempted to employ, no matter how hard I tried, I just could not serve the ball. Of course this made me the target of many snickers and eye rolls, but even worse, it made me a non-factor to the class playing the game, which weighed heavily on the fact that I already felt like a non factor in life. I couldn’t wait for those few weeks to be over.
One day, I went to my spot to serve the ball, and wonder of wonders it sailed over the net! Because I had failed serving the ball so many times before – the people on the other side were not expecting it, so I scored a point! I was so incredibly happy in that moment, I actually pumped my fist. That day, miss non-factor scored a point and became a factor.
What I felt in that moment was something I’d never really felt before – Victory, victory that had nothing to do with a book.
I don’t remember if I was ever able to serve the ball again, but I can tell you this – those people on the other team – they kept their eyes open, they didn’t sleep on me again!
I believe that even small victories can make big differences

When a book that I was reading suggested that I recall one of the happiest moments in my life, I sat down and thought about run of the mill happy moments – graduation, weddings, first sale of something I wrote etc, and then it was as if this memory tapped me on the shoulder and said “Hey, remember me?”, that is when this essay tumbled forth. It is actually not a situation that I think of often, but it definitely one of the defining moments in my life. It was then I learned the value of never giving up.


What was your unconventional moment of sheer delight?


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