Different Tactic…….

Same result.

So, when I was in rehab. the psychologist there suggested that I get a counselor, or just someone to talk to as I guess, my life can get heavy at times. So sometime in April perhaps. Groupon had a deal for a discounted month of therapy. Remembering what was suggested, I  got the groupon, and there I left it until last week when I was sent an email telling me, I had just a few days before it expired. I signed up .

I’m not a fan…of this counselor.

I understand that it is very early on, and sometimes it takes many tries before you get a perfect “fit”. I’m pretty sure I don’t have that time.

I have noted previous therapy woes n former blogs. I sound too young and people don’t take me seriously, some of the people in the group have had MS for as long as you have been alive…therefore you don’t qualify for respect. Hmm.

Anyway.  Maybe I’ll attempt to complete the week.  Here are some places you can sign up for therapy if youd like. It’s good having someone to chat with.





lonely-boyOne of my friends posted a story on FB that I found terribly disturbing. This woman died when she was wrapping presents for people, yet no one noticed that she just disappeared? Were those people really people she should have been wrapping presents for? The feature that is on the page doesn’t really make sense to me – it seems like they were just telling their impressions of the documentary, and maybe I’m just used to the way American documentaries are shot, but if they don’t have even one interview with a family member…and then again, who wants to admit that they didn’t check in on their family member for 3 years? It is frightening.  Who is really looking out for you? There’s something about our culture that makes sharing lots of things on social media encouraged, yet being extremely lonely is  completely acceptable.  It’s a way of life.

therapist2Unsettling, because I’m pretty sure it’s true..

I’m still kinda upset with what happened on Monday (I removed that post) the thing that concerns me is that I don’t feel terribly sorry,  I’m just really angry.  Anger does not serve me in this case.  More than likely, people wont learn anything about MS unless they feel compelled to.  I know this, but it’s been 10 years, and I think I’m just tired of my family’s ignorance.  I don’t feel like winking at it right now, I’m sure I’ll get over it. I have to.

I think it is time to break out the aromatherapy.