Pretty Sure

I wrote the following blog A long time ago. I just came across it again and enjoyed reading it. I used to write everyday. 🤦🏾‍♀️Oh and those 2 inches that I thought I may have lost? They’re gone. Along with the myriad of other things that I’ve lost and gained. So maybe if I could stand up now, I d be 5’6🤷🏾‍♀️. Which is still taller than 5’2.

You can play tricks on your mind.
I commented to one of my aunts that my aide is a lot shorter than me, so helping with physical therapy is a no go. She’s about the height of my sister 5’2.
Her: You are taller than your sister?!

[This aunt has most of my life looked down on me for my weight. I still think it sometimes surprises her that I can speak in complete sentences. I’m usually 5’8 BTW. Since my walker I think Ive lost 2 inches because I’m stooped, but I want my two inches back. How can you not be able to tell the difference between 5’2 and 5’8? if you watch two people describe one person, yet they have different ideas completely….
That’s how.
I guess you will believe what you want to! I also weigh the least I have in my adult life, but I promise you she doesn’t see that either. ]

I saw this aunt at one of my lowest and unhealthiest weights, perhaps 112.

She said that I looked good.

I resembled a skeleton.💀

I looked so much like a skeleton I kept a picture of how close to death I was…I’m sure I saw bones for feet in the next stall.