Is it Christmas Yet?

I knew it wouldn’t have all been over after Tuesday. I’m just tired of the foolishness. I am glad that congress will look a bit more like America, but we’ll see if that changes anything.  The dude in the WH and his contention with the press. He is outrageous.
It is currently 1:15am.  Someone is outside raking leaves…

Not sane.


I havent done well only visiting IG once a day, but, staying away from fb and twitter has been a lot easier.  Ive been filling out questionnaires for the visit with a new neuro tomorrow. kinda nervous, but hopeful.  I can barely walk and am concerned about getting down the stairs, but I will try my best!!

Seems like a few of my friends are also feeling the social media break need.

Take Rest

Besides taking time to rest for ourselves, sometimes we would be wise to invite God to take rest in us.  Imagine the peace if we slow down intentionally to get to know what being in His presence feels like. Facebook is a beast ya’ll.  Depending on who you follow – you can be taken to another place.  I follow many Christian folks…and I am still often taken to a place you would never expect a Christian to lead you.  If we don’t know God for ourselves, we are in trouble.  It’s so confusing right now, because two people diametrically opposed – foes (Hamilton) are claiming to believe in the exact same thing.  How can that be? Who do you believe? What do you believe?  How will you know what you should believe if you don’t find out?