Struggles and Hope

Gods reasons

I took a blog break after completing the 31 Day Challenge.  I didn’t know that I would have been able to do it, that’s how I know God was helping me.  I did lose the ability to really move my right leg, I think I talked about that on the last 31 day post.  Well, it did not get better, and I had to request some therapy from my Neurologist.  I was not certain, I could do handle IVSM again right now, so I just asked for the pills, and my leg has been moving a bit better, I’m so grateful.  I have 8 days left in the course.  With God’s help, I’ll make it through.  Anyway, I saw this in my folder this morning, and it comforted my heart a bit.  I was tweeting with one of my dear hmjoy sisters, and she also uplifted me today.  Thanks D *hugs*  This is my big thing for today, starting up posting again.

Don’t Give Up! I’ll try my best not to give up either.

Struggles and Hope was originally published on His Work in Progress