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In other news: Writing Day 21 – So apparently, the way you are supposed to “sell” a post like this is to use a very fancy adjective in the title.  11 Indispensable Apps for Writers or a title with a promise accompanied by an order – 5 Apps Writers Cannot (and should not!) Live Without.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m no good at those types of titles.  Here are some links to apps that I already had a few of, which have proven useful and a few more I had no idea existed and hope to try out. I hardly believe that the air around you will cease to exist if you don’t have one of these apps! I do hope that you can find at least one of them useful – if in an effort to stay alive you don’t already have them all! :p

Top Apps for Writers

More Top Apps for Writers

And because my health provides me my very own set of special issues, I find these apps useful. When I need to hear what I’ve written because my eyes are tired or I cant see well that day, Natural Readers comes in handy.  On days when I can’t just mosey on down to the local cafe (I don’t live by a local cafe), at least I can turn Coffitivity on and feel like I’m in one! If non-existent local cafes aren’t your thing.  There are other cool sounds too.

Natural Readers
Have your writing read to you! Software available for free to about $200

The sound of productivity

What other apps can you recommend to your fellow writers?