Happy All Year


I wrote this as a part of a larger article a few years ago when I was actively trying to let go of my difficult feelings towards this holiday. I appreciated the sentiment, and want to remember it. I hope you will too!

I don’t usually wish people a Happy New Year. I don’t think positive wishes should end after one day; those wishes should be carried throughout the next 12 months. So with a nod to Neil Gaiman, these are my New Year wishes for you.
I hope that by putting your dreams in God’s hands they take flight. I hope you meet interesting, heart uplifting people, I hope you try something new and enjoyable. I hope grief and discouragements are infrequent visitors in your life, I hope strength and courage knock on your door every day, – I hope you open the door. I hope you spend some quality time with family, friends and yourself, but most of all, I hope we spend some time with God getting to know Him and all of His wonderful plans for our lives.
I wish you a Happy All Year.