Two of the Greatest Things you’ll ever Learn

So, the weatherdudes are predicting that we are going to get 12-18 inches of snow.   The last time they predicted so much snow – it missed us, not completely, but we did not end up with even close to as much as they thought would come.  I’m hoping and praying that something similar happens this time. [It didn’t, we ended up getting 30 inches]

Last blizzard, I posted That’s All.  This time, I’ll go with another Nat King Cole, actually sung by him this time (do young people even know who he is anymore?). I love this song.  It’s so whimsical, and beautiful.  I think that to love and be loved are some of the greatest and possibly most difficult things we could/will ever learn…but if/when you do learn, it’s worth it.  Especially if…you’re learning together- for and from each other. I’m so idealistic – it’s a shame.

If you have some time, check out Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett’s version.  It’s gorgeous.  I really think singing jazz was a good idea for her – she has such a lovely voice.  It was not being showcased with her other music.