Music & Writing


In other news – Writing Day 20 – This is where I write about the love of my life – Music.  Music has a direct path straight to my soul.  Before MS joined me, I needed music to write. Enya was a favorite, but honestly so were The Beatles, No Doubt, Simon & Garfunkel, Kirk Franklin and The Cranberries. They were my writing partners back in the day.  I love music. My taste in music is so eclectic, that if someone tried to figure out anything about me, just by looking at my music, I believe they would come up with one of two things:
1) I don’t know what I want
2) I want everything
Both are true depending on the time of day, but I  would also add 3) I know what I do not want and 4) I’m open to learning about new things.

I love all kinds of music, have I mentioned that?  I still do, but I cannot always listen to music with words while I write anymore.  I listen to music to prepare my mood before I write, or to heal my mood after I write, but sometimes quiet or classical is what surprisingly, brings the words.  I wonder what other changes my writing mind will go through as I get even older.

Fools in Love Playlist – It’s so sappy, you know that new love thing? Oh, don’t look to find any “new” music here.  I figure you could catch that on your radio…perhaps.

What inspires You?