It’s all in my head!

I lost my original website where I used to house a great deal of my MS education media. I know so much more about it now as I am now…16 years in. Wow, I thought I was 26 years in. Wow I have been through a great deal🤯🥺.

It is December 1


So, I tried to buy a phone this morning, you know the good Cyber Monday Deals are still floating around although it is Tuesday.  With only the phone in my cart upon checkout I get a red warning sign – something in your cart is no longer available.
Really? So why are still selling it? It is still available until this very moment.

I finally scrape up the courage to call my doctor.  The pills I took to try to avoid this – didn’t work.  Right now we are not sure what delights my insurance has in store for us.  I’m praying.  God is bigger than the insurance company.

I miss not writing about writing today