How long will your writing stand?

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One who will love the words no matter how long they last, whether for a moment or for ages.

In Other News: Writing Day 28 – I don’t know if other writers approach what they are writing with the question of how long it will survive. I mean how are we to know?  In our day and age everything seems to be immortalized on the internet, so it seems like everything lasts for an age.  Whether or not we take note of what has been captured depends on if it “goes viral”.  Perhaps there are writers who write only with the thought of their work going viral on their minds. For me as a writer, especially a non-fiction writer, my concern and hope is that the person who needs what I have written to receive it in the moment that they need it. If something that I write which gives me hope, help or happiness, can give someone, anyone – you some hope, help or happiness; I’ve done my job.  Whether it is for a moment or an age, I’ll take either…or both!