Odds and Ends

Well that was unexpected
I’m rather fond of the movie Julie and Julia, so I took for granted that- as it regularly is, the book would be better than the film.
I was wrong.


Cautiously Optimistic
Lately, Ive noticed a few of my symptoms cropping back up. I am due for an infusion. The medication had been helping.
I am grateful.

Yeah Right
I watched a you tube video last night of a young woman attempting to convince the viewer that after a break up that has just recently gone all the way left, she was now fine, at peace, healed…unless her ex retaliates.
If she were truly all of those things she claimed, it wouldn’t matter whether or not the ex did anything, because you’re no longer affected by them. You are no longer troubled by anything they do. you are like that Kermit the frog meme. You don’t have to convince anyone of anything.

Challenge Accepted
My Sister asked me to write something for a friend of hers whose birthday is soon.  I’m (a tiny bit)apprehensive.  What am I afraid of?

Odds and Ends…

I Like the way Greys Anatomy allowed April to start moving once Jackson prayed yet, I wonder how people who had a loved one die by drowning felt. Did they wonder…if only  they worked on my loved one 3 hours…

Ive been clouded by sadness lately, couldn’t figure it out until I realized No mom, no kids, Mother’s Day is coming up.  Sadness is not only likely, it’s ok.

My walking isnt doing much better, but, I can how hold a pen a great deal better. Maybe I can start keeping a journal again…

I received two notices of payment. One from my old insurance covering 4/23 to 5/4 and another from my new insurance covering 5/1 – 5/11 and notes a physical therapy visit I NEVER received. Hmmm…

Happy Mother’s Day if you are a mom, but if you are not don’t forget to tell your mom (if you can) Happy Mother’s Day!


When people who have lived in NYC for 50 years  complain about the cold and few inches of snow that fell on Saturday on December 9…the first snow of the season. It confuses and bugs me. You’ve been here for 50 years, you are expecting something different?

When someone calls from a charity to ask for a donation, as you may have donated  before, yet when you tell them no, I can not help this year, the next words they speak are “well all you have to do is…”
Be certain that the last words you will hear from me will be  – Please don’t call back.

I found this funny. Although I actually don’t mind texting, I do talk to friends….every now and then.  And I go to bed around 3 or 4 most days – that is an MS thing for me though, not a partying thing. I don’t have an issue or patience thinning with this. Just needed another story.