A Touching Act of Kindness

The first time I saw this video i thought my heart would burst, as the tears came. I cant imagine what her dad must have been feeling. He’s raising a kind and compassionate little girl. How valuable, especially in the climate in which we live.  She saw a person where we adults – don’t.

And as I sat dabbing at my eyes, so proud of this little girl – this was the song that my mind’s recorder started to play.  I first heard this song as an adult, but I never forgot it.  I think that’s because it is something I need to remember.  For me to see Gods love within people can be difficult sometimes. Am I showing God’s love to others? Not all time Im sad to say :(.  Many times they aren’t as clear cut as this random act of kindness. I ask God to open my eyes to see His love all around me, and to help me to reflect His love more.

I See the Love of God