Forgive me in Advance…

I’ve been thinking lately of this year’s 31 Days project in October.  I wrote a post for this blog and wondered…could I make 31 days out of this?   I’ll continue to think about it.

Last year, I was not sure I would able to do it, but took a leap of faith.  Completing that 31st day was such a personal victory for me, I know I didn’t do it alone.
To this moment, I am not fond of making future plans.  My life is so moment to moment.  I never know exactly what will be possible for me.  When I think about it though, none of us knows what the future will bring.  We only know what we hope will happen.  We only know what we make plans for.  And as much of a planner as I am – even that can be dangerous.  I will continue to think and pray about it.

Would you consider doing the 31 day challenge?

see you later alligator, after while crocodile!

It made me smile.  Smiles are so very important.  There was a time in my life when I did not smile.  Maybe I will write about it one day.  Now that smiles are available to me, and I can grab them; I take them even when the joke is painfully silly. 🙂