puddingToday is for puddings and porridge.  I did not lose my teeth, but my body is so over taxed in this moment, I need to give gentle care.  I’m not certain how easy dairy is on  the system though.  Maybe I can try a non dairy offering. Maybe I can try some broth? You know, as long as it has actual minerals and not a boatload of salt! In all this “trying” It would be in my best interest to not neglect rest. I haven’t been to bed yet. I should try starting there.broth-600x450

My Miracle – IVSM Day 4

My head is pounding right now, and I haven’t even had my infusion as yet. I’m just exhausted.


Since October, I’ve lost about 20 lbs.  Not complaining,  I had the weight to lose but, when you’re losing weight but not trying to, and you’ve basically been sitting for a few months something else could be happening.  The nurse was concerned I’m having muscle waste, but I really haven’t been eating very well.   I guess my Avocado toast diet though easy to make, isn’t exactly nutritious.

3 more days to go. My course is longer this year. I haven’t been able to eat today, but I am going to try my best to make a Potassium Oatmeal pudding.  Sweet potatoes, Banana, oats and spices. It’s gluten free and will replace some of the potassium I’m losing. It tastes better than it sounds. 🙂

IVSM can be so difficult, but I might be able to get out of the house by the end of this, so I’ll persevere, my sister has been a rockstar in helping me. Thank you Lord for your help. Thank you for my miracle.