Currently it is one of the, most popular songs in the US. For some reason, people seem to have a hard time believing how popular it is, I don’t know why.

The song doesn’t explore just the emotions of women or just the emotions of men.  It explores human emotions. This song holds the memories of many people. You’ve either been the person making the call or receiving the call, or perhaps you are wishing that you  made or received that call.  Let’s not  dismiss that it is simply a beautiful song.  I was going to mention a preposterous petition going around, which doesn’t amount to much more than sour grapes, but it’s not worth  my time, it’s probably not worth your time either.  I need to hold on to each brain cell I still have left.
Working brain cells seem to be in high demand when people can’t tell that The Wiz and the Wizard of Oz are the same story.