Do you know who you are in Christ?

A few years ago the Dove company came up with a campaign showing us exactly how companies present things not exactly how they are, perhaps you remember it.  (See the original video here, and check out the body video here.)   Dove created the real beauty workshop for girls and the self-esteem fund.  They wanted to clue us in on the fact that our perceptions of beauty are manipulated.  For some reason this caused a huge hullabaloo in the Christian women’s message board I used to frequent at the time. One set of ladies applauded what dove was trying to do, the other set of ladies were upset that dove would believe their idea of beauty had been manipulated!  The nerve.  They knew what beauty was and did not need a soap company to tell them.  They did not understand how blessed they were to have this privilege.  They did not understand that there are millions of young women, who do need a soap company to tell them – because no one else is.  They need a soap company to tell them, because no one is teaching them who they are and how special they are.   Well, no I cant claim that for every parent.  For some parents, teaching their children who they are, is their life’s work.  But for so many other parents – they are trying to reach those feelings themselves.  No one told them.  How can they tell someone else? Continue reading