It’s a Memory

It seems as is each year goes by, Christmas becomes more of a fading memory than much else. I cant cook, I cant shop, I cant decorate. You know what I can do? Stop complaining about it. My body is taking its sweet time coming back, no matter how much sorrow I offer right now. Ugh.  Time to climb into my holiday reading

I still love the music.  I’m hoping never to lose that feeling. Here’s some Micheal for ya keep it classy babe.

One thing that does not seem to leave me is the craving for vegetarian meatballs! LOL I heard Gardien has a good offering…

What have you heard? Do you have a recipe I should try?Didnt even realize I didnt say hi to December this year

Ah, the Holidays

Still not feeling very Christmassy, I almost had a bad spill yesterday.  I really wish I could get some medicine, but I’m not interested in checking into the hospital.   In honor of it actually feeling like December today, I’ll share some links and beautiful music.

This morning I saw this article dedicated to mini holiday desserts.  Make some of your own!

Last night, I watched this heartwarming story about a solider separated from his children for 45 years.  Misunderstanding can be catastrophic.  I do hope they get to spend a little time together during the holiday even just a phone call.

Here’s an article about things you can do today to bring happiness your way!

Mlissabeth suggested that I listen to music after my last post.  It was a great recommendation! Thank You! Here’s some wonderful holiday music.  I really enjoy listening to their harmonies. And their beat box guy is also an amazing cellist!

I would love to make some vegetarian meatballs. I guess I will see if my energy and my legs agree.

I’ve never had it…


but I thought this was funny. I’ve never had that fruitcake that people make fun of and says tastes disgusting. The fruitcake that I’ve had and made  is sometimes called Christmas cake, or Black cake.  It is also often wrapped up and a sliver is given as one of the favors at weddings for good fortune.

Toy Story is coming on tonight.  It has been 20 years already.

 I have things to write, but I don’t feel like touching them right now.