Do You Love Books?

Recently, I saw a question in one of my FB groups that made me think. Would you marry someone who didn’t read regularly? Many people said that their partners liked books well enough or at least respected their love of books.  A rare few said their partner loved books as much as they did.  And many said their partners didn’t read very many books at all, but they still managed to get along. I have always thought that as long  as he respects my love of books, I’d be fine, he wouldn’t need to read books. but in my old age – that will no longer suffice. I understand why it appears so much more within reach to just settle rather than…holding out and getting nothing.  But you can never complain about not receiving what you feel you need in your relationship by just settling for something. There is such a big difference between looking on politely and being a part of the action. I’m no longer interested in polite distance.


Better Books? No Discrimination Here