Don’t Rush It

DRII started writing what I thought was a devotional a few months ago.  I finished it and set it down for a time to…ripen.  I had every intention of publishing it on the 1st but not only have I been working on it since then, it has lengthened a bit.

Ultimately it’s still a devotional, but it’s more like a few pages in the guideposts book devotional as opposed to a blog post.  Even if I broke it up, it would be a too long blog post.  What if it’s more than just a singular devotional? I guess the only way I will find out is if I continue to write. So that’s what I will attempt to do.

I watched 3 idiots again this weekend.  I love that movie. This is the favorite scene of the person who posted the video, not me.  My favorite scene is at the very end when all was revealed!