puddingToday is for puddings and porridge.  I did not lose my teeth, but my body is so over taxed in this moment, I need to give gentle care.  I’m not certain how easy dairy is on  the system though.  Maybe I can try a non dairy offering. Maybe I can try some broth? You know, as long as it has actual minerals and not a boatload of salt! In all this “trying” It would be in my best interest to not neglect rest. I haven’t been to bed yet. I should try starting there.broth-600x450

Bookmarks and Avocado Toast

Amazing Bookmarks

Bookmark-wooSo yes, most of my books are read by hearing these days, but I still buy books, and one of the greatest joys of my life are bookmarks. I have created and given away a different bookmark to my family and friends for the past 3 years. I haven’t made a bookmark this year, but I will. God willing I OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
will.  When I came across these bookmarks, they were so imaginative and just a ray of sunshine. Perhaps there can be botheration in having the witch’s feet for a bookmark if you are not reading the Wizard of Oz, but War and Peace – yet it’s a minor problem. Anyway, check these bookmarks out– they really are great!

Avocado Toast! (It seems to be a thing now)
Have you visited this site?  Did you even know it existed? avocadotoastNow you do! As of late, one of the only things I’ve been able to stomach is Avocado. So, of course, when I came across the Avocado Toast Blog, I was really curious. Apparently avocado toast is a thing, and people love taking pictures of their avocado toasts. Some of the pics are really pretty, some are not.  I guess that is one of the things to love about avocado toast – how easy it is to customize.  So if you eat avocado, get some ideas!

Apps for Writers


In other news: Writing Day 21 – So apparently, the way you are supposed to “sell” a post like this is to use a very fancy adjective in the title.  11 Indispensable Apps for Writers or a title with a promise accompanied by an order – 5 Apps Writers Cannot (and should not!) Live Without.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m no good at those types of titles.  Here are some links to apps that I already had a few of, which have proven useful and a few more I had no idea existed and hope to try out. I hardly believe that the air around you will cease to exist if you don’t have one of these apps! I do hope that you can find at least one of them useful – if in an effort to stay alive you don’t already have them all! :p

Top Apps for Writers

More Top Apps for Writers

And because my health provides me my very own set of special issues, I find these apps useful. When I need to hear what I’ve written because my eyes are tired or I cant see well that day, Natural Readers comes in handy.  On days when I can’t just mosey on down to the local cafe (I don’t live by a local cafe), at least I can turn Coffitivity on and feel like I’m in one! If non-existent local cafes aren’t your thing.  There are other cool sounds too.

Natural Readers
Have your writing read to you! Software available for free to about $200

The sound of productivity

What other apps can you recommend to your fellow writers?