“Prayer Fixes Things — Aeolian Alumni: Ferdinand Era”

I have been playing this song most of the day.  It is written by one of my favorites – Dr. J.Max Ferdinand, director of my other favorites, The Aeolians of Oakwood University. ❤️

I am mentally preparing for tomorrow which is supposed to be nursing home choir practice.

All I see is tiredness ahead. 🥱  It sucks to be a party pooper 😴. I hate that I sometimes look at upcoming events with more trepidation than anticipation.😔

Oh well. Cheer up buttercup 🌼 (I know it’s not a buttercup, but it’s the best I could do on instant notice.) I hope depression is not knocking. I have no vacancy. ✋🏽

At least this song tells me what I should do. At the very least I should consider it.