Happy Christmas!

I havent been visiting my blog as I would like, and there are a few reasons for that. The most pressing being – it is easier for me to hold my phone.  I have two note apps which I use often, but i’ve never gotten the hang of using word press. Ive discovered a couple of interesting apps. One called

Slowly – Write a letter to the world.
The premise behind this app seems to be simulating the pen pal experience of old.  Back in the day , you’d have to wait how ever many days it took to get to your pen pals house and the time it took for your letter to get back. In our current climate of text messaging and emails, we dont have to wait more than  few seconds to hear from most any where what slowly does is tack on time to your message depending on how far away your pen pal is.  So essentially, this app allows you to meet people from all over the worlds and depending on how far away they are, you’ll hear back from them in 3 days. It’s a cute concept, but if you are not a millennial and have actually lived the pen pal life, this app might be too fabricated for you.

Litsy – Where books make friends. It’s like instagram for your books. I really like this app. You get to know people based on their book reviews and their book choices.

I completed The Book Challenge, even though I havent updated in a long while. I didn’t hit my goal of 52 books this year.I was about 10 shy.

I think that as long as the people cannot be paid, their government should not get time off for vacation.

Christmas is not an easy time for me, but I remember when it was. You have the best Christmas you possibly can!

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