Odds and Ends

Well that was unexpected
I’m rather fond of the movie Julie and Julia, so I took for granted that- as it regularly is, the book would be better than the film.
I was wrong.


Cautiously Optimistic
Lately, Ive noticed a few of my symptoms cropping back up. I am due for an infusion. The medication had been helping.
I am grateful.

Yeah Right
I watched a you tube video last night of a young woman attempting to convince the viewer that after a break up that has just recently gone all the way left, she was now fine, at peace, healed…unless her ex retaliates.
If she were truly all of those things she claimed, it wouldn’t matter whether or not the ex did anything, because you’re no longer affected by them. You are no longer troubled by anything they do. you are like that Kermit the frog meme. You don’t have to convince anyone of anything.

Challenge Accepted
My Sister asked me to write something for a friend of hers whose birthday is soon.  I’m (a tiny bit)apprehensive.  What am I afraid of?

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