Lie to Me

I was going to title this Lie With Me.  but not being  fond of the click bait titles, I decided to forgo it. Have you guys ever seen that 90 Day Fiancee show?  Ok, I’m a day late and more than a dollar short – maybe 5.00 dollars, but I watched this show with my sister in  complete disbelief yesterday evening.  This isn’t true, I remarked. This cant be true…are these people actors?  This is where I should explain the premise of the show, but since I don’t think I can provide you an unbiased opinion, I will provide you with what Wikipedia has to say about the show.

I get it, having worked with people from different countries for years, Ive seen this before. What bugs me are the ones swearing love for the person,, when the love is for the papers.  When one spouse convinces themselves that this is love, it is sad
The one I saw last night has a person repeatedly saying that he did not want to lose his chance and lamenting over the amount of work that would’ve gone to waste if the woman would not marry him. I don’t believe that a great deal of these people don’t know what they are getting into . Half tell the lie, half believe the lie and the switch off.. And all are desperate for something…
Don’t lie to me, lie with me.



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