Different Tactic…….

Same result.

So, when I was in rehab. the psychologist there suggested that I get a counselor, or just someone to talk to as I guess, my life can get heavy at times. So sometime in April perhaps. Groupon had a deal for a discounted month of therapy. Remembering what was suggested, I  got the groupon, and there I left it until last week when I was sent an email telling me, I had just a few days before it expired. I signed up .

I’m not a fan…of this counselor.

I understand that it is very early on, and sometimes it takes many tries before you get a perfect “fit”. I’m pretty sure I don’t have that time.

I have noted previous therapy woes n former blogs. I sound too young and people don’t take me seriously, some of the people in the group have had MS for as long as you have been alive…therefore you don’t qualify for respect. Hmm.

Anyway.  Maybe I’ll attempt to complete the week.  Here are some places you can sign up for therapy if youd like. It’s good having someone to chat with.




A Different World

This is one way in which a lot of people from my denerration remember Aretha Franklin. Thursday nights at 8:30 She took us to school, even though college was years away for many of us.

She really was a diva. Not the boo hoo do what I want you to do type, but this is a phenomenal woman who commands respect and her business is not out in the road type.