The Family McClure

Ive been holding on to this one for a few days.  I look back on it and wonder why I doubt that I have some “writer” in my blood. Because who writes all of this when they aren’t being graded for it?   The stories they are coming up with about this man…one about how he is a “closeted” racist.  And yet I seem to remember them saying they found tweets. on twitter…that’s “closeted”? Read at your own risk.
P.S. – Im seriously considering cutting off all of my hair like Mama McClure.  I just don’t know if I have the guts…

My heart is heavy this morning. A few weeks ago this photo went viral. I was so happy to see a family whose You Tube channel I follow be recognized so graciously. I had a modicum of hope. Yes, this country is going through it right now, but look at this beautiful mixed race family. Surely this is a good thing.  Over the weekend someone…someone who decided to go through years of the father, Justin’s tweets, found where he was making very stupid, and ridiculously corny  racist jokes and the domino was tilted.  One after another they came, starting their videos with…”I’ve heard of this family, but I don’t know them or Ive never seen their channel but…” And after that is 20 or 30 minute diatribe on the horrors of interracial relationships and entire stories that have been made up or heard elsewhere and were then  attributed this family (who we know they know nothing about, because they have admitted it) and then the warning from these “woke” people BEWARE!!  Beware of what? What is your issue?  Do not support them! (Of course I always follow the advice  of what to do with my pennies from people I don’t know).
Do you think someone who continued to believe such things would have married a Black woman? They have issues that mom says I’m African (Nigerian) not African American.  Of course this also makes her evil an offensive racist and they should look to the white and Nigerian communities for support! Before the weekend was over the mother felt compelled to to reveal that she’d been married to a white man before who was abusive, she left him, had her twins on her own, then married the man who  adopted them. Their dad Justin, her husband. The only dad they’ve ever known.

The comments I have seen on their videos have been horrible, I know the climate in our country is trash right now, but my goodness.  How can people be so heartless?  One miserable person vowed to make trouble for these people.  Lit a match, carried their information the the kindling carriers and it all blew up. Last thing I saw,  they had found a picture of the children’s biological father.  Everyone has an opinion, even though it is none of our business and we do not know the entire story.

To those who have chosen forgiveness, the name fool is given out, but considering the source (people who have made a judgement on videos of people they arent very aware of). I don’t mind. Imagine those babies growing up.  Kids can be just as cruel as their unhappy parents. Jealousy and envy are despicable traits

Happy Now?

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