Justice for Junior.

In NYC for the last few days one of the stories that has dominated the air waves has been about 15 year old  Lesandro Guzman-Feliz aka Junior.  He  was dragged from the bodega he was in and stabbed multiple times, most devastatingly slashed on the neck with a machete.  Junior tried to get to the hospital on his own but could not make it.  His injuries were too severe. The entire attack was caught on tape. The gang who attacked him realized that he was not the person they meant to attack.

Pretty big Ooops.

This murder has gripped the city maybe be cause it’s on tape, maybe because he was a good kid who eventually wanted to become a cop, maybe because the brutal way he was murdered was not meant for him. Either way hundreds of candles have been lit and left at the bodega.  Hundreds. The memorial became so large that a second memorial sprung up at the hospital where he died. Thousands of people spent hours in line to pay their respects. The hashtag #JusticeforJunior was born and the gang members who so carelessly cut this promising young man down looked pretty pathetic at their arraignment. Thy have the nerve to plead not guilty…

As if someone isn’t dead.

The police are praising social media for the help they received in catching those murderers quickly.


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