Do young people consider anything sacred these days? Have we ruined a great deal of life for them? I only ask because an internet famous musician was shot and killed yesterday, and there so many young people openly mourning this young man, but also, there were photos of him dead in his vehicle. The only thing more shocking (to me) was the amount of people surrounding the  car, phones raised, taking photos and video I suppose. The surfaced video shows the onlookers.  In another picture we see the car doors have been opened and someone is feeling for a pulse – but  it wasn’t a first responder, but I guess you don’t have to be to take a pulse.
Is this just the way young people mourn right now? I remember when hearing this song for the first time, tears immediately flooded me. It was just a song about dying, but there is just something so intimate about sharing space with a dead person. Something sacred.  I can only imagine what his family would feel if they saw any of those pictures.
It is quite sad. He was only 20. Please be warned, some of the images may be disturbing.
Someone please wake me when the guy in the WH stops condoning mass child abuse. Another TW listening to the desperation in these sad little voices is extremely tough. They are going to have to live with the memory of this injustice. How do we know that the children are safe? Who can we trust to tell us that information? The people who put them in this horrible position?

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