Odds and Ends…

I Like the way Greys Anatomy allowed April to start moving once Jackson prayed yet, I wonder how people who had a loved one die by drowning felt. Did they wonder…if only  they worked on my loved one 3 hours…

Ive been clouded by sadness lately, couldn’t figure it out until I realized No mom, no kids, Mother’s Day is coming up.  Sadness is not only likely, it’s ok.

My walking isnt doing much better, but, I can how hold a pen a great deal better. Maybe I can start keeping a journal again…

I received two notices of payment. One from my old insurance covering 4/23 to 5/4 and another from my new insurance covering 5/1 – 5/11 and notes a physical therapy visit I NEVER received. Hmmm…

Happy Mother’s Day if you are a mom, but if you are not don’t forget to tell your mom (if you can) Happy Mother’s Day!

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