Things Aren’t Always as they Seem 2

In my older age I realize these things…

The couple in love– well, she was a teenager with a miserable home life, and he was not a teenager. He still lived with his parents, but he wasn’t a teenager.
The man with the dead girlfriend – I was never quite sure of how it was she died. Was it an accident, was it an illness, was she murdered??
The single mom with one son, never updated more than once a week or so, because she was so busy. The mom with 4 kids…she was online all the time…
The super confident professional was actually a completely insecure dude with money (who was apparently catfished before we knew it as such) whose trust was so broken, he didn’t know what to do with himself but brag. Maybe it made him feel better somehow.
As for me, it was around the time when my health issues started. I used diaryland to escape my life and loneliness for an hour or two a day,   I was also able to write a fantastic piece of fiction, which I loved writing because it was a different place for me to hang out for a little.

I don’t know what happened to anyone I used to follow.



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