Things aren’t Always as they Seem 1

The first blog I ever kept was at diaryland! Yep, I’m dating myself, it was back when live journal and even type pad were more popular platforms. This was a time when blogs were kept solely to tell your story.  Nothing was being promoted, nothing was for sale.  Entries weren’t monitized.  You got the person writing their story – that’s it and it was enough!
I don’t remember what year it was, and I don’t remember how long I kept the blog. I do remember A few of my blog friends there.   A community I became a part of then. For that moment in my life.

There was the girl who was going to marry her boyfriend, who she had never met before but they were in looove, he also kept a blog and lived on the other side of the country.
There was the older man whose story I was never quite sure of – he spoke of a gf who was dead.

There were two single moms, one with 1 son and the other mom with 4 little ones.

The  uber confident single professional guy who constantly wrote about his cars, his cleverness, his girlfriends and his abilities to please them in bed…

Hmm so, these were my impressions when I read their blogs everyday and spoke to then often. Nothing like time an maturity to give you some perspective….



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