An Eventful Weekend..

Without stepping a foot outside.
I attempted to take a class, which was over in about 30 minutes.
I realized the “teacher” spoke of how he would do things more than what has been taught for decades.
I read an article and felt solidarity with the author.
I saw a YT video that caused me to realize how JEALOUS one of the people I grew up with was.
(I never knew how deep jealousy could run )
I saw a few snippets of an awards show where a new day is on the horizon and even though mainly one color was worn
it was still quite beautiful.
When a person of a different hue won one of those awards it was historic because it has never been done before..
And yet, one of the most important awards of the evening had no female representation…
A new day indeed.
It’s Raining realizations ya’ll.


ps – I finished the January book.  It was a trial to get through. But I got through it.

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