I missed it…

Usually, when there is a huge amount of snow heading our way, I write an “I hope it’s not too bad” post and add perhaps a video of That’s All. Last night, they were predicting1-3 inches for the city and then after it was declared a “bomb cyclone” by many media outlets (our local numerologists didn’t feed the hype, they called it what it was – A Blizzard) a prediction of 6 – 12 was given and a bit more to the east of the city….before the end of the night NYC Schools were closed and we in the city moved from 1-3 to 3 – 6 inches.  Well longer story shorter , we got about 11 inches and now the coldest air in many years is descending upon us. The predicted 9 degrees tonight is nothing much compared to the -14 it will feel like in the morning. Thank God we have heat and blankets, and still really good neighbors. So have a cup of cocoa (or tea, or coffee, or whatever you want). And enjoy the tune. I owe you one.


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