Santa’s Favorite Cake

Christmas is 4 days away and I don’t feel it. I even watched one of those Sappy Freeform Christmas Movies. It was cute, so was he!

I also watched Sound of Music. Another Sappy one, but it is one of my Favorite Things, so is this rendition of the song.

When I was more mobile, I used to make something based on this Awesome Cake. It sounds strange – mint frosting, I was so afraid it would be like eating toothpaste – it was not.  It was actually really delicious -as long as you don’t over do the mint! And get a good quality extract (not essence). Also I did not make two cakes. I divided a recipe of  of the white cake batter and added red food coloring to one batch, then alternated the batter and swirled…yumo!

Mini Strawberry Santas

Another Santa dessert, and if I weren’t allergic to Strawberries, maybe I would attempt it.



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