Are you AN Option or THE Option?

I have a question. Do young people believe this? I don’t often get to speak with people in their young or old 20s unless they might work in my drs office, but I get this idea that being an option, isn’t such a bad idea to some. Although, that’s probably the case for some people no matter what generation you’re a part of.


So Wrong, but oh so Right…

She’s an American
She’s Older
She’s a Commoner
She’s an Actress
She’s Biracial
She’s a Divorcee

All things that would have not just had tongues wagging, but might have prevented her marriage to the prince in times past, but…NOT TODAY!

Not remotely a “royal watcher” but I am tickled pink that the favorite royal is ignoring a great deal of what is probably expected of him. It just concerns me the amount of heat these young people are going to get from the press…

I already heard one of the British journalists say IF Meghan Markle marries Prince Harry.  Many bitter people over there. 😀