The Bachelorette…

In a world chock full of Bryans…
Hold out for your Peter.

Any one with two working brain cells knows that – a proposal DOES NOT guarantee a wedding or even a marriage.

Good luck trying to be as important to his life as his mom.

UPDATE: While I still maintain that Peter is the one who got away, and Rachel would have to win Bryan’s mama before anything could happen in their relationship. She did choose the one who gave her what she went on the show for.
She NEVER said she wanted a wedding or marriage, she said she wanted a ring. She got a ring.

Peter is husband material, and it is better she left him to someone who wants marriage and not just a ring. Someone wanting marriage might have joined him in his – I don’t know you yet, lets take it even slower.

My first time paying attention to this show…
Pretty sure it will also be the last.

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