The name really should be The Huge Fiverr Fail, but it would mess up my one word title July.
I have hired a designer from fiverr before – 4 years ago. Everything went smoothly.  I decided to do it once again and wondered how someone could offer all they were offering for only $6.  I took a chance and booked a gig. What a nightmare! The kindle cover that was created was neon green with a cartoon character on top… my book is a devotional.
I explain to said designer that I don’t write children’s books, and explained that my book was a devotional that cover was pretty inappropriate. Despite unlimited revisions being specified as a part of the package, the designer messages me that she was sure her design reflected my title.
It did not.
I said I’ll take the $6 loss and find another way to make my cover thank you.
Do you know she had the nerve to ask for a 5 star review?

I’ve paid you $6.
I have no cover.
I will need to hire someone else or create it myself.
You want me to leave you a 5 star review???

Are you kidding me?

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