Coming to the conclusion just this weekend that the situations a few of the male friends I have are in, ultimately boils down to immaturity and not wanting to grow up is mind boggling. Some women are also plagued by this malady, but as long as she looks good doing it, usually only the children she is neglecting or the people picking up her slack – complain.

Side note: Because your parents might have done it for you and the person you are with is terrified that  saying something will send you running for the door, here I am to share some advice.
You DO NOT live in a magical house. The toilet does not clean itself, and the items in the cupboard that you use up will not replace themselves. If you don’t know how to clean a toilet ask somebody, hire somebody  or watch a you tube video.
Don’t know what you’ve used? Ask if your S.O. , then actually get it…the correct it. Make a list if you must. Shock the hell out of her or him with your compassion. Ladies, feel free to follow suit, if your mom hasn’t drilled these things into your head already.


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