There is an MS group on FB that Ive been a part of for about 3 months now.  Groups can be fantastic to be a part of, because of the information you can glean.
Groups can also be horrifying because of the information you can glean.
Some of the most devastating information Ive received has to do with the state of marriages affected by MS. Marriage by itself on a regular day is pretty difficult, add an unpredictable behemoth of a medical situation and an immature spouse or 2 and you have about a good 60% of the marriages there.
It seems like every week someone reports that their husband or wife has left the marriage because MS life is a lot more difficult than they ever thought possible and since they aren’t the one with the illness…does he/she really have to stay?
[a lot of other sad and terrible situations take place that ill just skip]
Imagine my surprise when there is a message on the page this morning about a husband of 37 years who is so supportive that the wife doesn’t know what to do with herself…
I told her to just stick around and read the messages for a few weeks, maybe then she’ll be grateful for what she has and will decide to also provide as much support as she can for her husband instead of complaining about how good he is.

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