Life has a funny way of sneaking up…

According to this song irony takes such forms as:
Winning the lottery and dying the next day
A death row pardon 2 minutes late
Rain on your wedding day
A free ride when youve already paid
Good advice that you didnt take
After lifetime of flying fears, having the plane crash when you finally decide to fly
Meeting the person of your dreams!
And their spouse.
No smoking sign during you cigarette break
Traffic when tire already running late
10000 spoons, no knife

I always really liked this song. I was a weird teen. Life was always helping me out I thought lol. Anyway, during its popularity, an English teacher reported that none of the song is really irony…just bad luck!

Another thing
How long do you feel you can water the plants with poison before the vegetables start killing you? Yes this is about America right now. I know the people in Washington are having a Kymbyah moment, but last week your leader’s son said an entire political party was not even human…

One more thing…
So you missed that Sasha Obama’s name is actually Natasha and it’s a thing? For real? Why?

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