Useless Distraction

At a college graduation this weekend (live streamed) I noticed that many of the students  had not only one medal, but multiple medals around their necks. It signaled whatever subject they excelled in.  I thought back to my high school graduation, we also had medals but they were pinned to our gowns – we were wanna be generals.
As I watched these young people ready to face the world and what it will bring, I wondered what those medals would afford them.
Would having that medal work as a staples easy button and make you the office super hero? Would you get some brownie points at home with your spouse? Maybe with your kids? How about if you got diagnosed with a devastating illness, could you trade a medal for your health?
No, you cannot.
I don’t know if I sound bitter, I don’t know if I am bitter, but I do know  that I am mad that people are still using the same corny non-consequential tactics to reward achievement as they used when I was younger so many years ago. What was used to gas up our heads when we were younger -as if they really meant something is still being used.

Why didn’t we learn to put more time and effort into things that could help us in life like developing integrity, and character, even long suffering would have served us so much better than modeling medals.
They way things look…are not always what they actually are.

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