Brain Dump

I hope you survived the Ides on Wednesday…
Cause if you didn’t, you wouldn’t be reading this.

The only thing I can stomach right now is Kheer (Rice pudding).  I never had rice pudding growing up – apparently, my father did, he would recall that his father would often make his large family rice pudding for breakfast on Sunday mornings.  The biggest difference I see  is that  American rice pudding often has eggs and is dessert.  Kheer is breakfast and dessert-ish – you can have a warm bowl of it in the morning, for breakfast like porridge or chilled in the evening for dessert -NO EGGS. My next door neighbors make the best Kheer – how something so plain can be so comforting? Not sure.  When I need the steroids, only Kheer will do…and an Almond milk Mocha freeze or two,

These days if i make it on to FB i find myself typing out complete comments and then erasing them.  Sometimes, me seeing it is more important that the person not trying to see me or hear me.

Watching This is Us and Speechless this past season has been beneficial for my emotions. This is Us hasn’t yet sent me into the blubbery crying  that so many of us are terrified of.  Perhaps I get teary eyed every now and then, but thats all.  The writing and acting are awesome on that show.  Speechless – so funny at times. It’s great seeing a person with a disability playing a person with a Disability.

Watching the things happening in the White House often times  makes me believe Im living in an alternate universe. No public television? Children having to go without food because, people think a child not being hungry does not really affect their ability to do well.   These people want me to believe they are followers of Christ? Everyone is catching a side eye from me….

Are you serious? How can you possibly believe what you’re saying or defend what is being said?

And then i remember – they are wondering the exact same thing of me.





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