Yes and No

Yes, it is 3 am
No I haven’t been to sleep as yet
Yes I attempted an MS work out.
(seated 12 minutes)
No I could not do all the movements
Yes that realization was both startling and disconcerting
No, my body isn’t feeling much better
Yes, my friend is getting married tomorrow!!
No, I wont be able to make it 😦
Yes I got to talk with her today
No I haven’t been writing as much as I need
Yes I believe this is true.

Can’t Give Up

Time for my disease activity to ramp up.  Welcome Spring, welcome wall walking and difficulty rising from a chair. Inability to walk without aid and a plethora of other difficulties I cant mention here.  I pray the Lord will continue to see me through and provide medication as He has before  (really, check my previous Marches and Aprils). What has He seen you through?