My Lawyer

A really rough week emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Paying attention to the news is concerning, not just in this country, but everywhere. There is so much that I see, and I don’t understand. It can be scary to think – what will happen to us? to me? I can’t even depend on my body.  Proven to me loud and clearly this week.  It’s like I cant even walk sometimes – how am I going to do all that it seems I am required to in this life?  And a feeling -a thought – a question posed itself. Don’t you remember that you don’t have to do this alone?  All the brokenness you possess- doesn’t matter.  Bring your brokenness, and trade in  for peace.  The Bible says that Jesus intercedes for us, like a lawyer.  He is our representative  How could I forget?


1. an act or instance of interceding.
2. an interposing or pleading on behalf of another person.
3. a prayer to God on behalf of another

Someone is fighting for me. For my rights, for my needs.  Life can become so overwhelming at times, that I lose all perspective.  This song is a beautiful reminder.  We don’t have to make the journey of life alone, especially if we don’t want to.

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