The only Thing I know for Sure

I’m in that icky, I don’t know what to say, but I have hundreds of thousands of words, just crowding at the entrance trying to make their way out.
I am 3, sometimes 4 marginalized communities in this country.

I’m a woman
I am the daughter of immigrants
I am a person with a disability
I am a person of color

The new president has managed to insult each of my marginalized communities. It has been a very difficult few months. Everything I had learned and understood to be behavior to avoid…was rewarded with the presidency. Our country is divided – broken. What i noticed as the election went on was that people were just flat out refusing to see each other as someone they could relate to. Whereas they might have attempted to do it before, they have no interest in it at this point. I need to make sure I don’t become one of this people. I have wondered – what do I have in common with these people (many of whom were Christians) who voted for Trump. Reading a tweet by a Trump supporter who thought Trump had actually jumped into his car, drove to the border and began building ‘the wall’ with is own hands allowed me to realize thatthe supporters don’t really understand who Trump is and neither do the non supporters. We are all in the same boat, hoping we and this country don’t sink. Some people have put the very last shred of hope they have – into this man. Perhaps that is where we can meet. Acknowledgement that we both have hopes – for our lives, for our futures, for our country. These hopes may look nothing alike, but we have them.
No matter what happens next, I know that God is not afraid of Donald. Contrary to what Mr.Trump and the rest of us might believe, God is still in control.

3 thoughts on “The only Thing I know for Sure

    • Thank you Nancy! I am pretty certain I have some form of this. It was MUCH stronger when I was younger Can’t ignore it all though, but there is only so much snickering and people looking at you like you’re crazy that a person can take. I just started to ignore what I could. I cant ignore it all though.

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      • I remember us discussing it several years ago. Note in the article that it was not something to be fixed – most people enjoyed it and what it brought to their life. It is hard to be called weird, but it’s good to accept ourselves.


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