Take care of you!

So in case, your Twitter or FB Feed has you reeling right now, please remember to take a break.  Spending too much time on social media can affect your mood, trouble your attitude and day.  Have you seen someone in your feed seem to go through a transformation? I’ve seen extreme paranoia, an –  Im one of you, so ill start to express myself the way you do. And there is one woman on my feed that alternates between gentle encouraging words and attacking those in her feed who  do not feel as she does she does – in a very passive aggressive way.  So confusing.  I’m back to limiting  myself to 10 minute spurts on FB, but if you need to have more time there, take care to take a break ever so often.

How to Avoid being Psychologically Destroyed by your Social media feed.

My Lawyer

A really rough week emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Paying attention to the news is concerning, not just in this country, but everywhere. There is so much that I see, and I don’t understand. It can be scary to think – what will happen to us? to me? I can’t even depend on my body.  Proven to me loud and clearly this week.  It’s like I cant even walk sometimes – how am I going to do all that it seems I am required to in this life?  And a feeling -a thought – a question posed itself. Don’t you remember that you don’t have to do this alone?  All the brokenness you possess- doesn’t matter.  Bring your brokenness, and trade in  for peace.  The Bible says that Jesus intercedes for us, like a lawyer.  He is our representative  How could I forget?


1. an act or instance of interceding.
2. an interposing or pleading on behalf of another person.
3. a prayer to God on behalf of another

Someone is fighting for me. For my rights, for my needs.  Life can become so overwhelming at times, that I lose all perspective.  This song is a beautiful reminder.  We don’t have to make the journey of life alone, especially if we don’t want to.