The Loud Silence

solcWhat is a writer without words? After witnessing what happened early this morning, I got up and I wrote. It is the way I process things. I wrote about my friend who is an openly gay professor in Kentucky who was terrified to stand before his students this morning. I wrote about my cousin whose son asked this morning how it was the mean man won – right before he asked her if she was going to get kicked out of the country as she was not born here, and is not white, like his dad. I was going to write about the fact that every single pundit and pollster got it wrong, and yet it was only then the cries of a “rigged”election were snuffed out, no one finds that curious? I was going to ask about how a man who claims to be Christian has managed to avoid displaying all of the Spirit’s fruits. There were so many other things I wrote about, and questions I had.
I wrote more today than I have in the previous 8 put together, and when I took a break, to watch the you tube video of a very outspoken young lady who is passionate about her community and lives to encourage brainy girls of color, I just couldn’t wait to see what she had to say.  I started the video and she started to cry. She cried and she cried a little bit more. Once she could form the words she questioned how it was she could feel so out of place in her own country, she knew of this country’s hatred, but did not realize how deeply it still ran.
She wondered, as many people have – do the words make america great again really mean – make america white again? I realized in those moments as I cried with her, that although thousands of words make quite a statement, so can a really loud silence .
I wondered today, will I one day in the near future wake up to find that the Statue of Liberty has gone? Will Lady Liberty have walked to another site where the words that she bears hold actual truth?

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