Reading Challenge Check Up

Last month was much more fruitful than the previous.

I read Love Warrior
Many loved it, many hated it.  The one star reviewers – often commented on the author’s cushy lifestyle which many of us do not have. Thus her life is not true but unrealistic and impossible to relate to.  A great deal of her life, I do not and have never had, but  her dealing with things that most women have dealt with – especially if you grew up in this country was enough for me to say – ok I know where you are coming from. I have no right to tell you that because you have not lived my life you are not a warrior. That is an issue.  When you star denying someone’s experience because you haven’t had the same experience…that is a problem.
I don’t know, I did not read this as part of Oprah’s book club. It was the recommended reading for a class about what we learn through the stories of our lives. I’m not sure if that allowed me to see it in a different light.

I read Queen Sugar
And quickly realized, many people were reviewing the television series and not the actual book. Although the series is based on some of the characters and situations in the book – the series is not…the book. And honestly (the series seems {to me}, to be better than the book!!) It doesn’t happen often…but it happens.

I read Everything We keep
Took me a moment to get into, but once it picked up – it picked up and kept on running. The final revelation was an…Are you serious? moment, but I didn’t feel hoodwinked. The epilogue was fantastic.

Three no. ladies detective agency books, a new one comes out in a few days, and even though I’m pretty sure AMS doesn’t write them anymore, I’m curious to know what the characters will be up to.

I’m glad I fared a bit differently this time.


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